The Great Reconstruction

For the LORD will rebuild Zion and appear in his glory. Psalm 102:16


The Destruction of Western Civilization IV

Marxism, Homoeroticism , Feminism and the NWO
based on the article Men or Cattle? by Steve Farrell -

5. Soft on crime, soft on sin, soft on convicted felons and soft on terrorism. Listen, if men are born that way, if men have no choice, if men are victimized by circumstances (including by capitalist economics and Judeo-Christian morality), it's understandable why killers kill, why gays are gay, why terrorists hate America, and why we MUST be tolerant of their miscues, and, well, given time and re-education, full of praise for their courage to be who they are.

This line of reasoning leads to questions like how can sin be sin, or crime be crime, if men and women cannot help themselves? Thus, in the world of Marx & Lenin, there is no virtue, there is no sin – but wait a minute, one virtue only, tolerance for every form of debauchery, and one sin only, tolerance for capitalism and Christianity. A perfect route to pushing the liberty they claim to be enlarging into moral and thus political anarchy followed by law-and-order tyranny.
Either we are children of God, endowed with moral agency, a conscience, and the ability to "put off the natural man" – that is, the ability to rise above animal instincts, environment, conditioning, genetic influences, and economic pressures – or we are not.

The Destruction of Western Civilization III

Marxism, Homoeroticism , Feminism and the NWO
based on the article Men or Cattle? by Steve Farrell -

4. Men are cattle. Returning to the point 1 supposition that men must be free to make choices but men don't possess agency, this parallels nicely the Marxist-Leninist claim that, yes, men do make choices, but, no, not as you think, but rather they are DRIVEN to those choices like cattle.
This is called determinism.

Determinism : Not long after Marx and co. invented this demeaning, excuse-laden, victim-multiplying philosophy on man, psychology came into being and picked up the iron ball and ran with it. Since then, nearly every psychological theory, at its root, reinforces the man-bereft-of-agency idea, blaming all human action on the environment, or conditioning, or genetics – or anything but the Divine Gift of moral agency, and conscience, and the willingness of millions to obey the influence of an outside Higher Power, even when it is difficult, or near impossible.
Men can't sacrifice their sins, their wants, their careers, their very lives on the alter – can they – for the sake of faith, fidelity, or family?

The Destruction of Western Civilization II

Marxism, Homoeroticism , Feminism and the NWO
based on the article Men or Cattle? by Steve Farrell -

There is something eerily Marxist-Leninist about this mixed-signal approach to homosexuality being espoused in the West that truly can't be ignored :

1. Inconsistency. Let's protect freedom of choice for gays, but then again, "they have no choice." We need to understand, in the "one step forward, two steps back" world of the left, inconsistency is consistent, logical and moral if personal and political empowerment result. Say what needs to be said, support what needs to be supported, at any given moment, in any given set of circumstances, even if this requires day-by-day, minute-by-minute, sentence-by-sentence flip-flops. Do it. "The ends justify the means." Plain and simple.

2. A denunciation of God. Listen, declaring that God made homosexuals homosexual implies that God is the author of their sin – the same worn-out argument that hopes to indict God as cruel and unjust, and thus non-existent.

3. An attack on the church. When activists combine the "I was made that way" contention with ‘evidence' provided by grant-driven ‘science' and politically correct-driven legislation, they have an iron-fisted plan to subvert and shackle the Christian church, handing over to the state the decision-making power of what can and cannot be taught and practiced.

Christian Reconstructionism :
Conducted by Joseph McAuliffeJ.

McAuliffe : Can we really legislate the biblical standards of morality on non-Christians?

RJ Rushdoony : One of the things most people don't understand about Christian Reconstruction is that first it is nothing new. It has been the historic position of the Christian church over the centuries. In Western Europe and the Americas it has receded in the past century or two, but it has always been the Christian way of life. Then , what we really have to understand is the picture of reality we are being fed. A top-down view of whatever faith people in power hold -- it is a view that expounds the capture of the upper echelons of society, and thus the machinery of the state, in order to impose an ideology on the people...

(In other words its either a Christian standard or a secular / satanic one, but someone´s standards will always be imposed ) .

The Destruction of Western Civilization I

Marxism, Homoeroticism , Feminism and the NWO
based on the article Men or Cattle? by Steve Farrell -

Which of the following do you agree with ?

1. We must have freedom of choice in matters of human sexuality

2. Homosexuals have no choice, God made them that way, and so let's just accept them, embrace them, and praise them for their courage to be who they are.

I agree with :

a) Statement 1
b) Statement 2
c) Both Statements 1 and 2
d) Neither, I am a Christian


The Death of Property America !!!!

U.S. Supreme Court abolishes private property in America
From the Associated Press article " Cities may seize homes for economic development, court rules "
by Hope Yen - June 23, 2005

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ruled today that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses — even against their will — for private economic development.

It was a decision fraught with huge implications for a country with many areas, particularly the rapidly growing urban and suburban areas, facing countervailing pressures of development and property ownership rights.

The 5-4 ruling represented a defeat for some Connecticut residents whose homes are slated for destruction to make room for an office complex. They argued that cities have no right to take their land except for projects with a clear public use, such as roads or schools, or to revitalize blighted areas.


Slaying The Red Dragon I V : Galvanizing an Oil Crisis

OPEC unable to lower oil prices !!!!
Basque news and Information Channel

Riyad - Saudi Arabia, the only producer with spare capacity, is already meeting world crude demand. For the time being, there is no call for more production. Others in OPEC are at full stretch. "Everybody in OPEC is at full capacity, maybe Saudi Arabia has something left but it is heavy oil, so in practical physical terms, we have nothing," said Libyan Energy Minister Fathi Bin Shatwan.

Slaying The Red Dargon III : Take Over of America

Chinese Oil Giant in Takeover Bid for US Corporation
By David Barboza and Andrew Ross Sorkin
The New York Times

Shanghai - One of China's largest state-controlled oil companies made a $18.5 billion unsolicited bid Thursday for Unocal, signaling the first big takeover battle by a Chinese company for an American corporation.

The bold bid, by the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), may be a watershed in Chinese corporate behavior, and it demonstrates the increasing influence on Asia of Wall Street's bare-knuckled takeover tactics.

The offer is also the latest symbol of China's growing economic power and of the soaring ambitions of its corporate giants, particularly when it comes to the energy resources it needs desperately to continue feeding its rapid growth.

This week, a consortium of investors led by the Haier Group, one of China's biggest companies, moved to acquire the Maytag Corporation, the American appliance maker, for about $1.3 billion, surpassing a bid from a group of American investors.

Last month, Lenovo, China's largest computer maker, completed its $1.75 billion deal for I.B.M.'s personal computer business, creating the world's third-largest computer maker after Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

CNOOC is being advised by an army of bankers from Goldman Sachs, J. P. Morgan Chase and N M Rothschild & Sons of Britain.

Two Republican representatives from California, Richard W. Pombo and Duncan Hunter, wrote a letter last week to President Bush, after speculation concerning the deal arose, urging that the transaction be scrutinized on the grounds of national security.


Slaying the Red Dragon - Part II

Dubya : Neville Chamberlain Reloaded ?
based on "Western Blindness: Nazi Germany to China Today" Lev NavrozovFriday,
May 5, 2000

Chinese absolutism is highly rational or "scientific” even more than Nazi Germany. Today this is evident in a measure like forced abortions. No prejudices, taboos or scruples. Pure science. The rulers do not want a high population growth rate because in contrast to Stalin or Hitler, they do not believe in numerical military superiority as a means of world domination. Hence forced abortions. It is inconceivable that in an absolutism so "scientific” and uninhibited morally the rulers would consider the destruction of the West (Taiwan) immoral.

For China , Taiwan is an immediate source of subversion , with which the United States has been unable to deal as Chamberlain dealt with Czechoslovakia, since the population of Taiwan are former U.S. allies — enemies of the rulers of China, and would be destroyed accordingly.

But the United States has contrived its own Munich Accord, under which there is "one China” and Taiwan is not independent. ... However, the vast hotbed of infectious democracy is not Taiwan, but the democratic West itself, and the fall of the Soviet absolutism in 1991 showed the rulers of China that if the democratic West is allowed to exist as democratic, then no matter what its intentions are or will be, its pathogenic microbes of democracy, which it spreads because of the very fact of its existence, will destroy the Chinese absolutism as it destroyed the Soviet absolutism in 1991.


Slaying a Red Dragon !

America v. China : Time to Slay The Red Dragon ?
based on "Chinese Empire Threatens the World" by Charles R. SmithMonday, June 13, 2005 ,

Dubya : Hello ?
CIA : Hey , dumbtruck ! China is a Nazi state after all.

China is no longer a Communist state in the pure sense. The Chinese leadership believes in personal property and personal fortunes made through capitalism. This fact has not escaped notice in the West. Even the Rand Corporation admitted that most powerful Chinese officials have their own Swiss bank accounts.

China is a Nazi state. China has become a modern state rooted in National Socialism, more akin to the ideals of Benito Mussolini or Adolf Hitler. The leaders in Beijing support capitalism and free enterprise while enforcing single-party rule. The ruling elite maintains a single-party dictatorship that enforces its will with bloodthirsty revenge.

It is worth noting that a small nation, held together by the whip of Nazi government, nearly defeated the world. One only has to imagine what the Nazis in China can do in the future.

Slaying of The Red Dragon
(Never trust a communist. Pure and simple)

U.S. policy toward China is dominated by another myth: that capitalism and trade will turn the one-party empire into a free nation of entrepreneurs. History has shown this to be incorrect. The fact is that dictatorships and capitalists often live quite comfortably together. Western capitalists held the fascist-dominated states of Nazi Germany and Italy in high esteem as the future of mankind because of their friendly nature toward free enterprise.

The U.S. won the Cold War with ideas. America decided not to trade with the Soviets because we knew the money and the technology would finance and grow an already massive military machine. The Soviet war machine could have won the Cold War with the help of Western "appeasement."

Today, the fantastic growth of the Chinese war machine is directly linked to the Western policy of appeasement. The trade war that decimates American jobs at home also feeds the Chinese military industry. Money spent by the West on cheap toys, clothes, shoes and other consumer goods is directed by Beijing into nuclear weapons, missiles, submarines and long-range bombers.

Today, the growing threat in Beijing is not led by innocent peasants nor working poor. The front edge of fear and oppression can be found in the criminal dragon, the warlords and the party elite.

The forcible attempt to subjugate the Nazi world under a single whip, later called World War II, awoke the sleeping giants of freedom and democracy - but not until 60 million had perished. Any future war with China will destroy ten times as many in only a few short days, and there is no guarantee that freedom will win.

Is it time for the free world to wake up and Slay the Red Dragon ?

blog entry 77 : Bolivia : Landlocked Powder-Keg

Bolivia : A Landlocked Powder-Keg
based on article form The Washington Post, March 9, 2005

WASHINGTON -- It is happening again in Bolivia. Another administration has bee brought to its knees. President Carlos Mesa was "choppered" out of the Presidential palace while barricades burned furiously outside the gates. Thousands of Bolivians marched in the streets threatening to paralyze the Andean country. Beyond this frustrating repetition of events, this latest crisis reveals that Washington has learned a lesson : It is very easy to strangle Bolivia, but come to govern and you will soon be gasping for air.

The current crisis in Bolivia is social, economic and political. Socially, despite improvement in service coverage, poverty has increased dramatically. The repeated mass displacements due to the decimation of Bolivia´s agrarian economy , especially among the rural poor, have worsened. Economically, growth has been poor, and accompanied by structural unemployment and underemployment has led to a 70% growth in the "informal-blackmarket" employment. And politically, Bolivia faces a dramatic crisis as never before seen. Rampant corruption and lack of popular support in both the Mesa administration and the political elite have turned this little Andean country into a landlocked powder-keg.

Longtime observers of U.S. policy toward Bolivia believe rural mass migrations could be the result of Washington easing pressure last year on illicit coca-crop eradication goals.

In early 2004, Washington had begun working closely with Bolivian municipalities under MAS (Andean Socialist Movement) control. The project was focused on developing alternative, more profitable cashcrops to replace illicit coca fields. Ceding to MAS's demands, Washington found itself unwittingly lending support to a Bolivian government study to determine the amount of coca hectares that could be grown legally in Bolivia for traditional uses.

This may have led Mesa to try to deregulate Bolivia´s hydrocarbon sector in a last minute effort to bring some foreign investment capital into the country.

Bolivia is the poorest nation in South America.

What do you think ?


The Dialogues : Tuesday , Feb 1

Crusader : OK, let my run it by you again : one, Human depravity is such that, if left unchecked, it will absolutely destroy human society.It can NEVER change it for the better...
Pontius : Not even in a Star Trek , Federation of Planets kinda way ?
Crusader : No. Two : Fallen men have no capacity within themselves to live in peace with each other, much less to create a New World Order based upon the sands of ever shifting relativistic standards...
Pontius : Which means ?
Crusader : Let me finish..(Pontius rolls his eyes) Three, Only an unchanging standard can be trusted to maintain a stable society ; and this we Reconstructionists insist is found in God´s law alone.
Pontius : ....
Crusader : Well ? What do you think ?
Pontius : I feel like invading Poland...


Blog entry 1776 : American Paper Script

Colonials Print their Own Money !!!
based on article published in The London Herald, 1751

When Benjamin Franklin went over to England to represent the interests of the Colonies, he saw a completely different situation: A country gnawed by hunger and poverty. "The streets are covered with beggars and tramps," he wrote. He asked his English friends how England, with all its wealth, could have so much poverty among its working classes. His friends replied that England was a prey to a terrible condition: it had too many workers!

Franklin's friends then asked him how the American Colonies managed to collect enough money to support their poor houses, and how they could overcome this plague of pauperism. Franklin replied: " Poor houses ? What do you mean, Sir ? In the Colonies there is not a single unemployed person, neither beggars nor tramps."

His friends could not believe their ears. They asked Franklin if he could explain the remarkable prosperity of the New England Colonies. Franklin replied: "That is simple. In the Colonies, we issue our own paper money. It is called 'Colonial Scrip.' We issue it in proper proportion to make the goods pass easily from the producers to the consumers. In this manner, creating ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power and we have no interest to pay to no one."